about sis

Department of Natural Science Informatics

Cell phones, personal computers, and home gaming devices are some of the information devices that are essential to our daily lives.
Creating a creative and advanced information society by fully utilizing computers, calculations, data, and the Internet to address things like environmental issues is a mission imposed on those of us who live in the 21st century.
The department aims to nurture people who will go on to break new ground in society and academia by giving students specialized scientific knowledge on top of a broad-based education in the humanities and science provided in their earlier years at the school.
This style of learning, which makes full use of computers, calculations, and data, will create new academic disciplines, which in turn will generate methodologies to help solve various issues including environmental issues.
This is because large-scale research that used to require large organizations with large budgets can now be conducted with a few people with the help of computers and networks. What can be done with this newfound power? What is creative, and what will benefit human well-being? In this department, we seek the forefront of knowledge in three specializations: Complex Systems and Informatics, Mathematical Sciences and Informatics, and Environmental Science of Earth and Materials.