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Department of Social and Human Science Informatics

What exactly is an “advanced information society” and what do those of us who live in this society really need? The ability to think and act to establish positive relationships between society, technology, and the people who live in an advanced information society as well as to understand the true nature of this society is becoming necessary.
We call this ability “information literacy”, and the goal of the department is to train our students to achieve true information literacy.
The ability to use computers is a necessary component of information literacy, but additionally, we need the ability to face questions from society and from the people who make ups society
To develop true information literacy, thinking about the true nature and origins of values such as need and happiness, the workings of the psyche as information processor, relationships between people and information technology, and the legal and economic mechanisms in society are essential.
When we finally have people who possess the knowledge and education to ask questions such as “where did we come from, who are we, and where are we going?” taking a leadership role in society, our future will be bright.