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Artificial Life
SOME OF OUR PROJECTS IN ALIFE LAB: Baldwin Effect in Dynamic Environments (E) Origin / Evolution of Language (E) Biologically Inspired Emergent Systems (E)
INTERDISCIPLINARY PROJECTS IN OUR GRADUATE SCHOOL: Joining Real Space and Virtual Space Virtual Evolution of Emegent Communication
ARTICLES: On Mind and Life in Machines('99.9) 10 year old Artificial Life ('98.4) My impression of Alife VI ('98.7) My Bookmark "Artificial Life"(2003.1)
INFORMATION: Artificial Life Teasuries On the Net Aliren (Artificial Life Mailing List in Japan) Home Page - Article Log From my bookshelf (not updated) My class:Theory of Artificial Life Nagoya Conference on Artificial Life 2000 Our Artificial Life Laboratory My book on Artificial Life (J) / (E)

Computer Architecture
Fine Grain Parallel Processor: V++ (E) Scheduling Method (E) Synchronization Mechanism (E)

Selection from the Picture Book "Dream Catchers"('96.5) (E) Fairy Tale: "Once in a while" is good, however "always" is .. ('95.8) Artistic Cartoon"From Warhol's Point of View"('85) (E) 1('99.12)

Must-Go Sites Complete List of Search Engines (Guide to over 140 sites !) How to Netsurf ('95.11)Minimum Introduction to HTML Internet Literacy Quiz

My Classes
Current: [Graduate] Theory of Artificial Life  [Undergraduate] Introduction to Complex Systems Science Network Communication(1, 2) Freshperson Seminar (Introduction to the world of boardgames) (1, 2)
Former: Advanced Topics on Electronic Society Advanced Topics on Cognitive Informatics II Emergence in Electronic Society Information Science Introduction to Programming Study of Data Base Evolution of Contemporary Thought Emergence in Electronic Society IT literacy and Ethics Research Excercise in Data Base Theory Freshperson Seminar (Introduction to Artificial Life) Programming Excercise I (1, 2) NUPACE program: Introduction to Artificial Life (E) Emergent System Theory Mathematical Analysis and Computer (Intoroduction to Artificial Life Way of Thinking)
Internet Tools: Moodle,b2evolution, phpbb, Report

"iPad, Son-san, imagination and ALIFE" (2010.5) "Disease Called Nostalgia" ('90.3) "Adventure in Artificial Intelligence: A Novel by Lem" ('90.8) "A Warhol's Movie" ('91.11) "Avant-pop and Virtual Space" ('92.2) "Live!: The Very Last Moment of the Earth" ('92.6) "From Punk to Alife" ('94.8) "Interactive Evolution" ('94.11)

Personal Information
Good Old Days at UCLA ('96.4) Personal History (E) Introduction to our laboratory (pdf)

by Takaya Arita
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